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1800 Watts of Freedom (Part 2)
The Big Blue Cabin Is Up For Grabs For $3500
No Power Bill, No Interference, and A Lot of Good Memories Made (2 pages)
Medium Sized Tiny House- See What 17k Can Do! (video)
Shipping Container School Is Self-Sufficient
1800 Watts Of Freedom - The Story part 1
This Trick Will Let Your Fish Swim Up Into View!
Grey Wolves In Yellowstone Park
Homesteader Crafts A Fully Automatic Crossbow Machine-Gun
These Lego-like Building Blocks Can Transform Your Space!
VW Taunts Us With The Future - Electric And Self Driving (video)
World Famous Tunnel Tree Falls During Winter Storm (videos)
Kansas Game Warden Shoots Family Pet Deer In Front Of Home
Owners Build a Glass 'Treehouse' In The City On Land No-one Wanted
This Couple Turns An Old French Stone Cellar Into A Fabulous Cave Home (video)
Dan the Mullet Man and his Mullet Mansion on the Sea (video)
Larry's Stolen Tiny-House Found and Returned To Him! ~Thank You!
Lofton's Island - Dredged Up From The River, and Claimed By Squatters Rights (video)
Chest Full Of Treasure - Finders Gold
Wind Generator Tech And Low Velocity Power Techniques
To Get To This Restaurant, You Might Have To Swim! (video)
DUI - Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Of .... Caffeine
Live Feed - American Bald Eagle's Nest - Eaglets Soon To Hatch!
When Your Electric Bills Fall To Zero.... Ahhh! (video)
DEA Reschedules CBD Oil as Schedule 1 Drug (video)
So It's Winter, and A Hot Tub Sounds Fantastic! But...
23.45 Acres For Sale By Robbers Cave - One Of Oklahoma's Most Exciting Wilderness Areas
Permaculture Hero Toby Hemenway Is Fighting Cancer - Now In Hospice
This Startup Makes Solar Much Much Cheaper With A Particle Acclerator
SOLO for ONE MONTH as Alyssa Runs the Off Grid Homestead Alone
Home-Made Sleds Are Trending As Stores Sell Out For Christmas
What Kind Of Power Inverter Do I need?
Unconventional Wood Burners - Just Wow!
This Little Box Could Save You 25 Percent Of Your Electric Bill! Really?
Snowmonsters and How To Make Them - Bartz
The Story Behind This Quilt Will Melt You
Tesla Coils - For Battle or For Music?
Deanna's Tennessee Piece Of Heaven
Fleet Farming - They Turn Your Lawn Into Produce You Can Eat
Man Cuts Through Tree, And the Tree Stands Up! (video)
14 Reasons To Own A Motorhome
River Turbine: Environmentally friendly energy source.
Homemade Boats You Can Make Yourself
They bought a chunk of Kentucky wilderness, and stumbled upon this 1800's cabin in the woods!
Couple Builds Energy Efficient Passive Solar Home - Green Building
Living Off The Grid: Designing Your Home (Advice Videos)
Young Family Give us a Tour around their Off Grid Farm (Video)
Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop Camping Tent with Annex Room
Man Given a $100 Ticket for Giving Out Free Hugs Without a Permit
Winter Cabin on Mount Kanin
They Put Solar Panels on Trains to Reduce Fueling Needs
Solar Roof Tiles: Harvesting energy for your Home
Tesla powers a whole island with solar (Video)
Wildfires scorch Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, destroying homes and businesses
Jumbako Mobile House by Snow Peak: Japanese Minimalism in a Tiny Home
Striker TRiLIGHT - Floods Your Garage With Light The Moment You Drive Home
40 years documenting the decline of America's poorest neighborhoods
Choosing Land for Off-Grid Living (Insightful Video)
Awesome Inspirational video about going off the grid in your 60's!
DIY High Storage Bed
Suprella Opens Faster, Keeps You Drier - A Better Umbrella Design
Fun With The Moto-Bike by Bultaco (Video)
Cordwood Chicken Coops (Video)
Professional Pitcher Lived in a Van for three years before arriving in the Major Leagues
Millionaire Gives Money Away and Lives in VW Van (Video)
At Least One Arrest Made on Fourteenth Day of Homeless 'CleanUp' (Video)
Weapon Of Mass Instruction: Artist Creates A Tank That Delivers Free Books
Man sentenced to 6 months in prison for installing a wind turbine in his own property
Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds (Video)
Dive head first in natural building with these inspirational images
Off-Grid Pregnancy and Child Birth (Video)
Grizzly Bears: They've Got The Moves (Funny Video)
Truck Makes a Nerve Wracking Trip Across Water on a Tiny Wooden Bridge (Video)
Funxwe Solar Power Wireless IP Camera: Security for your home or business
Nissan Titan Truck Camper: The Rule Breaker
DIY Project Ideas Using Wood Slices and Logs
Outlaws In Their Own Homes - Pushed Back On The Grid
How Do You Feel About Crossing This Bridge? Would You? (video)
5 Colorado Acres - $105 Per Month Pays It Off In 5 Years
West Virginia Land For Sale in Roane County
School’s Out Forever: Crazy DIY Converted Bus Homes
Sweden to pay people for fixing their belongings instead of throwing them away
Earth Sheltered Homes (Videos)
Man sent to prison for inventing this energy based technology (Video)
Reservoir that supplies a California county’s drinking water is nearly empty
Using the C-Head Composting Toilet in a Tiny House or Boat
Tiny House Built in 40 Days
2 moose found frozen mid-fight near a remote Alaskan village
24 Acreage Parcels of Eastern Kentucky Appalachian Wilderness
Boat Builder's Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home
Building with Straw: Busting the biggest Strawbale myths
Photographer spends 3 weeks among the mammoth pirates
Two properties 9.6 acre & 2 acre for sale in Raven Haven Mt Retreat
Decorate Your Cookies In A Snap With These Beautiful Engraved Rolling Pins
Living Off the Grid is Harder Than You Think (Insightful Video)

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