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Now this is a very practical and cool project, we found this little jewel over at Go Down Size. We believe this is an easy project that requires medium level skills in order to accomplish it. Might be a great project to do over the weekend with friends or or family. If you are the loner type, we understand; you can build it too.. ;)

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This high storage bed is great, if you have the floor space for a bed. It is a normal sized bed, just higher.

Seven years ago I ran out of storage, so decided to build a bed high enough to fit a serious amount of stuff. Morten and I had just gotten married, so moving all of our stuff into one apartment, and adding all the wedding gifts was not easy – we were drowning!

Easy to build  a high Storage Bed

I built this storage bed with my dad; I gave him a sketch of my ideas, and he found all the wood for the bed, and cut it to size.

I don’t remember the cost of the bed, and it was mostly build out of scrap and reused supplies that my dad had lying around. We bought some cheap foam mattresses and a good top mattress to soften them up.

It’s a great example, that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a nice comfortable bed. This storage bed has never disappointed me, it fits so much stuff.

I want to share the drawings with you for the frame and some directions, so you can build it yourself.

What you do with the space under the bed is up to you. I use bed rollers under the storage bed, but really the sky is the limit if you are a handy person. You can build drawers, fit it with shelves or even build an extra ‘pull-out’ bed for when guests come over.

I have put my measurement on the drawings and directions, but if you want a smaller or higher bed, just change them:)

High Storage Bed Sketch –DIY


Build this high storage bed in 5 steps

1: Cut all the wood to the measurements (use mine or make up your own) and drill the holes.
2: Screw B and C together, remember to make a left and a right.
3: Assemble sides A and B so you have the whole frame. You can choose to use normal screws or the ones I have used and shown on the detail sheet. It makes it easier to take the bed apart and put together again, without getting the wood fragile.
4: Insert D and attach with angle brackets, this way you limit the number of screws showing on the front piece. Make sure the top of D align with the top of B, and that it is right in the middle of the two B sides.
5: Place the bed slats and screw them in place – and you have your high storage bed!

Sizes of the wood you need

A: 2 pieces of plywood (1”) L:73” x H:27” (185×68 cm), If you want a headboard, make one higher to fit the size you want.
B: 2 pieces of plywood (1”) L:79” x H:10” (200×26 cm), It’s a good idea to make the to edge on the outer side round. This will make it more peasant to get in and out of the high bed. It is easier to get a smooth round edge on real wood, like pine, than on plywood.
C: 2 pieces (1×1”) L:79” (200 cm): Pre drill 5- 6 small holes. One in each end, and the rest evenly spread out.
D: 1 piece 1,5” (4 cm) L:79” x H:4” (200×10 cm): The width has to be 1,5” to support the bed slats, if you can’t find something with this width the detail sheet below shows some alternatives.
E: 2 sets of bed slats L:79” x 35,5” (200×90 cm): You can buy them new on measurements, or just reuse some from an old bed.

Detail sheet for the storage bed

via GoDownSize

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