Man sent to prison for inventing this energy based technology (Video)

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Dennis Lee, an American inventor sent to prison without a trial for inventing a free energy system based on the heat pump technology.

Exploring the enigma that is Dennis Lee -- perhaps the most controversial figure in the field of free energy, bar none. Some consider him an energy savior, others, a shyster.

The best we can tell, the incidental technologies (e.g. fire resistant paint) being promoted through his dealerships are bona fide technologies (though their origin is not always properly attributed), but the underlying claim to free energy has yet to be satisfactorily proven -- at least to the level of rigor of being ready for marketplace feasibility.

While his free energy technology might be dubious, the sincerity of Lee and his followers is a force to be reckoned with. Is it a religious freak freight train headed for a cliff, or are they headed to the promised land? Lee and his following see Mount Zion in their future (literally).

It would seem that Lee has a martyr complex and enjoys all of the controversy as a sort of indirect vindication of his science There must be something to it if all this bad stuff is coming down to try and stop it. Or is it just a matter of his getting what he asks for, reaping what he sows. He doesn't seem to be learning from his past mistakes, butrepeates them over and over, dragging hisassocites along with him.

We invite you to spend some time at your leisure (e.g. a lazy Sunday) to listen to some of Lee's presentations, and get to know the man behind the controversy. At a minimum, he tells a fascinating tale of surmounting astonishing odds against him. He declared war on the Utilities and lost his business and landed in prison for two years with multiple calculated attempts on his life there. "And you aint seen nothing yet" he says at the end of that tale that concluded in 1995, saying that the years that followed have been even more . . . astonishing/controversial/exciting/miraculous. Skeptics say he is not telling the whole story and they present evidence that Lee omits in his presentation.

Beside the entertainment value, the burning question is whether this man will end up delivering on his promise of free energy for the planet, and if his business model is viable and can survive the furnace of real life interactions or will he forever be stuck in melodrama with nothing to show for all of the hoopla? 

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