The Secret War To Stop Solar Power

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A battle continues to be waged at the State and local level regarding rooftop solar,  and the battle is just heating up.  Mainstream America is waking up to the savings involved in switching to Solar energy.  Corporate monopoly power groups push their weight around, undercutting the benefits of going solar.  Co-ops and groups like the Solar Buyers Club have brought installed residential solar under $2.00 per watt - to a sweet spot that is cheaper than Coal, Gas, or Nuclear Energy billing rates.  Energy companies see the transition coming.  This is a common response:

Long distance companies struggled to make the switch from land lines to cellular technology, which seemed to explode overnight.   Will big energy make the same mistakes?  Or will they find ways to morph to the will of the people which is... a fading need for big electricity.  

When the need for power lines deflates, there will be a need to cover the costs of those systems somehow, or move them off the line system altogether and go wireless.  There are already satellite systems for television with Direct TV and Dish Network.  Only internet speed currently suffers on wireless solutions, and needs some gains in order to match wired cable and dsl speeds.  After that, This will be the day:


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