Suprella Opens Faster, Keeps You Drier - A Better Umbrella Design

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The idea for uncomplicated clothes, ready for action, originated in a young startup company in Berlin.

The Suprella Pro turns the conventional umbrella upside down - literally!
The most genius umbrella of all time opens inside out and is two times stronger than a normal umbrella. Because of this new closing mechanism you never get wet again, even when you enter or leave your car. The Suprella is sealed with a special high tech nano coating, so it doesn’t catch and absorb wetness and liquids. The rain drops just roll off of the material. Hands, clothes, floor and furniture stay dry!
The Suprella comes in four colors and four patterns (premium), so you don’t get bored on a rainy day! All models have the special high-tech nano coating which lets the rain just roll off. 
  • Double layer inverted reverse umbrella using new breakthrough design, whereby the wet side of the umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side
  • Only requires a small space to open, suitable for entering and exiting your car easily on rainy days, while keeping your car interior dry and clean
  • UV protection
  • The unusual handle is comfortable to hold - in every position 

Suprella has a height of 85 cm and a diameter of 2-3 cm when folded. When using the Suprella it has a diameter of around 110 cm safe and dry area. It weighs around 0,5 kg incl. packaging.

Only $49.99  via SuprellaPro

Competing models now $18 and up! 


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