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The appeal of getting out into nature and enjoying the majesty of it – the sheer size of open land, the wildlife, and the stars at night – is nearly universal. On the other hand, a tolerance for bigs, dirt, and not showering for a couple weeks is not. That’s where the Bruder Exp-6 Trailer comes in.

Bruder has pushed the envelope with this trailer by melding rugged capability with luxury.

Not only does this trailer feature a 4mm galvanized chassis that can carry up to 11 times its own weight, along with an high tech suspension (300mm of travel, folks), but when you walk in through the spaceship-like back hatch, you essentially walk into a nice apartment.

Featuring two fridges, a pantry and kitchen that can be accessed from inside or out, and a full bathroom – you can really combine the best of both worlds; homelike comfort with the wilderness right outside your doors. Of course, this kind of luxury will cost you a pretty penny. Prices are set up around five figures.

via BruderX

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