Fun With The Moto-Bike by Bultaco (Video)

Categories: Mobility

We’ve seen electric bicycles. We’ve seen electric motorcycles. But electric mountain bikes? We haven’t come across many, and those that we have don’t have nearly as much versatility as Bultaco’s Brinco.

A thrilling combination that fuses the adrenaline provided by its electric power, controlled directly via a grip throttle, and the physical experience of independent pedaling.

This rugged off-roader is the perfectmashup of a motorcycle and a mountain bike. It has pedals, 9 speeds on the back, and disc brakes – but it also has a heftybrushless motor powered by a 1.3kWh battery that can put out up to 2kW of power and get the bike going up to 38 miles per hour.

All of this, combined with beefy front and rear suspension, make the bike an ideal steed for jamming around the backwoods. Yet, theBrinco does more than just switch on and go.

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