Nissan Titan Truck Camper: The Rule Breaker

Categories: Mobility, Camping

This beastly four-wheel-drive mod is as formidable as it is gorgeous. Affectionately dubbed the “Rule Breaker,” this trail-ready Nissan doesn’t look like it’s meant for family getaways. It looks like it’s designed to weather anything in style.

Hellwig Products and Lance Campers team up with Icon,Bushwacker,MagaFlow, Warn,Falken,Torklift International and more to build a Nissan Titan XDCummins diesel rig forSEMA 2016.  This thing is a rule breaker!

Hellwig Products and Lance Campers have assembled another over-the-top truck camping rig for the annual Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.  This year, Mike Hallmark ofHellwig Products took the design lead and created what might be the coolest looking truck camper on the planet.

Looking like a cross between a gigantic yellow jacket and an extreme overland truck camper rig, this set-up is visually stunning.  Can you imagine pulling into a gas station, parking lot, or campground in this thing?  You’d have people taking pictures, asking for your autograph, and generally asking you endless questions from coast-to-coast.

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