Todd Patten And His Wilderness

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It seems that in Alaska, they have resorted to less primitive methods of starting fires than they did in the past...


~Todd's Video of Jack

How much can you tell about a person simply by the pictures he takes?  Well, for one, you can see that Todd Patten lives off the grid!  

He's likely a hearty fellow used to making his way in the snow.

I could see him being the type to wake up early and enjoy the sunrise over a cup of coffee..... with his cat.

And though everybody begs to come see his awesome little cabin, only a few are adventurous enough to come for a visit.  

The skies probably keep him up at night, and I'm beginning to gather that living here has turned him into a chronic photographer.

Because in the winter, the scenery changes, and the camera comes out again...

I bet he keeps in shape whether he goes to the gym or not.  

How much you wanna bet Todd loves wildlife?....

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