Jumbako Mobile House by Snow Peak: Japanese Minimalism in a Tiny Home

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While it can be easy sometimes to get a little too excited about overly designed buildings or homes, it is important to remember the benefits of more simple approaches. Straightforward and sparse designs make it a whole lot easier to customize and personalize – which was exactly the idea behind Kengo Kuma and Snow Peak’s Jyubako home.

A kind of blank slate or empty canvas of a home, this minimalist mobile tiny house made in collaboration with the Japanese outdoor company Snow Peak is made up of plain, straightforward cuts of timber.

Despite the sparse look of the house – it takes on a kind of warm and welcoming feel courtesy the soft LED lights lined below the lower platform and the ceiling, as well as the large open windows that let the surrounding nature in. Want a little more privacy? Owners can easily flip up the wooden slats to cover the four large windows along the side walls and entrance. Prices are set at $33,475.

via SnowPeak

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