Using the C-Head Composting Toilet in a Tiny House or Boat

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Weather you have or have not used a composting toilet, the videos below will give you an insight into how they work, and what you must do to care for them. We will focus in the composting toilet called C-Head, it is a very easy to use unit, with no smell if used properly.

For live aboard boaters, boondockers, prepper bunkers and other situations where you need to store the waste until it can be discarded or composted further at a later date.

  • It has no sewage smell!
  • It is available in four small
    footprint designs!
  • It is ergonomically designed!
  • There is no urgency to empty
    the solid waste container!
  • The large top mounted churn
    handle is easy to access!
  • The flat surfaces make it easy
    to clean!
  • Non-proprietary parts make it
    easy and inexpensive to repair!
  • Simple design makes it easy to
    maintain! No valves or levers!
  • C-Head's disposable bucket
    system is the safest and most
    sanitary marine composting
    waste management system on
    the market!
  • C-Head uses a double
    containment system to
    prevent spills!

Design - The C-Head is smaller overall and comes with a variety of footprints for different applications including flush bulkhead mount, sloping
hull side mount, short pedestal mount and wedged or corner space mount. And the C-Head is more ergonomically designed with respect to foot

Utility - C-Head is easy to use and easy to clean. With few nooks or crannies, the C-Head is exceptionally easy to wipe down. The removal of
waste from the collection containers in the C-Head is vastly simpler, easier and cleaner than other composting, porta-potty or flushing type systems.

Sanitation -  C-Head is the only toilet on the market that uses a double containment collection system. Both the liquid and the solid waste
collection containers are located in a waterproof pan that guards against any spills making their way into the bilge or on the floor. Waste transfer
to a disposable container is simple, clean and intuitive and the recommended disposable containers are difficult to breach accidentally by the
owners or sanitation workers. The C-Head is the only system that is designed to give the owner the option to either compost the waste at home
or safely and efficiently sterilize the waste for disposal.

The C-Head system is simpler to install, maintain, clean and use:

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