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Tiny house living certainly has its perks. There’s less real estate to be concerned with, they’re easier to clean, and it’s quite difficult to misplace any of your belongings. Also, in the case of this lucky couple, you can transport this specifically-designed ski lodge to your favorite resort.

Built to withstand both hot and cold extreme temperatures the Tiny Ski Lodge was recently unveiled by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions, builders of high-quality custom tiny homes in the United States. The lodge hosts a one-of-a-kind layout, including both an upstairs lounge and a craft room. Designed for a couple in Park City, Utah, the home is based on a 30-foot-long triple axle trailer and boasts a floor space of 240 square feet.

The downstairs includes a bathroom with composting toilet, full sink and shower, a kitchen, and a low-ceilinged hobby room with additional storage and seating.

Upstairs, one side hosts a sleeping loft while a lounge is situated on the other with a small balcony attached on the outside. It’s powered by a standard RV-style electrical hookup and is heated via an electrical heater on the inside.It’s also equipped with structural insulated panels that enable the house to handle a temperature range between minus 50 and 150°F. And the electric bill? A modest $25-$35 a month. Not bad at all for a Park City winter.

via MaximumExtreme

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