15 Year Old Student Discovers A Lost Ancient Mayan City Using Stars And Google Maps. (Video)

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A Quebec teen’s interest in ancient Mayans has led to an incredible discovery.

William Gadoury, 15, is credited with finding an ancient lost city in the Yucatan jungle in Mexico. He’s decided to name it K’aak Chi, which means Mouth of Fire, according to the Journal de Montreal.

It began with hisfascinatation with how the civilization that lived in Central America worshipped the stars. He was pleased to discover that the brightest stars in the constellations matched the biggest Mayan cities on the map.

“I didn’t understand why the Maya built their cities far away from rivers, in remote areas, or in the mountains,” Gadoury told the newspaper in French.

Using satellite images and maps of the night sky, Gadoury discovered that if he projected the constellations onto a map, the stars perfectly lined up with 117 Mayan cities.

He noticed that a constellation made up of three stars only had two corresponding cities, reported The Independent, leading him to believe that there could be one that was hidden.

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