15 Year Old Student Discovers A Lost Ancient Mayan City Using Stars And Google Maps. (Video)

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With the help of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the 15-year-old was able to uncover an ancient, unknown city. The agency provided Gadoury with satellite images of the area where he believed the forgotten city was located.

“By providing William some of these images, we were able to see some structures, and try to see that there’s an elevation here – maybe this could be a pyramid,” the CSA’s Daniel De Lisle explained in an interview on CBC Radio.

“There are some structures that really are man-made, and really look linear, that should not have been there. But maybe because they’re there, there’s an unknown city underneath.”

Gadoury said it would be the "dream of a lifetime" to visit the ruins that he discovered.

Gadoury told Radio-Canada that one day he would like to be an archaeologist, astronomer or engineer.

UPDATE -  Some experts are now voicing skepticism about the lost city.

David Stuart, an archaeologist and director of the Mesoamerica Center at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote on his Facebook page that the man-made shape on the satellite image is most likely a cornfield.

“The ancient Maya didn’t plot their ancient cities according to constellations. Seeing such patterns is a Rorschach process, since sites are everywhere, and so are stars,” he wrote.

Anthropologist and satellite imaging expert Thomas Garrison told Gizmodo he believes the cornfield has likely been fallow for 10 to 15 years.

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