Abandoned Mine Photos Tell A Story Of Their Own (50 Photos and Video)

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"A live-journal blogger Mr. Mishainik has been on a trip and he has explored an abandoned Ural mountain mine. You see, during the second world war most of Russian mining was moved to Ural due to safety. Due to war machine production resources were in high demand by the army so the mining volumes escalated tremendously. This is a visit to one mine, where ww2 Russian workers were built and mining ore for the needs of the Soviet army. Even though production stopped decades ago, the cars are still loaded with ore. Spooky!"  Slavorum.org reports

These amazing photos tell a story of their own about what might have happened there:

Ural mountains - a treasure trove of various minerals. Of the 55 species of the most important minerals, which were developed in the USSR, in the Urals presented 48. Mostly Urals - a source of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals and semi-precious stones and non-metallic minerals. 

The mining industry of the Urals dates back to the time of Chud mines. Since then, after the mining of mineral resources, there was a set of mining - mines , tunnels , quarries . Some of them are recultivated and disappear from the earth, but some still remain accessible to the public.  Each mine has its own unique history and inherent beauty.

Original source and images:  http://mishainik.livejournal.com/  Images and article basis via:  Slavorum.com

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