Duckweed: How to grow and why

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If you don’t know what duckweed is, it is often the green layer covering lakes and ponds. It is only found in still or very slow flowing water.

There is a divided view on duckweed. If you search on Google you will find the first few articles are people asking for help on how to get rid of the pest. After a few clicks and a bit of searching you will start to find people asking how to grow it; where to get it and other such information. I was one of the people wanting to find out more about this tiny little plant. I had heard about what it had to offer and needed to check it was true.

People had told me it was high in protein, higher than in things like spinach along with other such benefits which I will go into in more detail in a bit. I found out it was a great food source for fish, chickens, rabbits, ducks, cattle, sheep and goats to name a few. It is also really good for humans. I felt this had to be investigated in more detail. We have chickens, rabbits and I will be setting up some hydroponics so it would be great for feeding the fish. I realised if i can grow a weed to feed the fish whose waste would feed my plants then I’m onto a winner. After more research i found that duckweed is a truly amazing little plant. Duckweed is protein rich (35-43%) it contains fibre (5-15%), polyunsaturated fat (5%) and a load of minerals, calcium and also contains Vitamins A and B.

I had decided I definitely needed to get some duckweed and although there are ponds around Wales (where I live) it was easier and quicker to buy some off of the Internet. I found an eBay seller who was selling duckweed for a relatively cheap price and I purchased some. It is often sold in table spoons (quantity) which isn’t very helpful as you can’t really imagine how much that is.


A couple of days passed and the duckweed arrived and I was surprised to find large quantities of string algae with the duckweed.  String algae competes with the duckweed for nutrients. I had to figure how to get the majority of the algae out without wasting/killing the duckweed.

I found a really simple way and made a short video:

The above video was just a quick sort out video and a temporary home because I was so busy this next video is a more in depth video on duckweed care:

I hope you all find this of some use and if you have any questions, comments or ideas please head over to Youtube and leave me a message in the comment section.

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