This Rocket Stove Really Is Just A Log! Smart Idea For The Backwoods!

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Most of us off-grid enthusiasts have probably heard of rocket stoves. The physics and thermodynamic principles of this devices are somewhat easy to understand, which in large part, has been crucial to the success of this technology. But how many of us have seen the fuel itself acting as the rocket stove. In the video below, you’ll how a 14-inch log acts as a rocket stove, by drilling shaft and side holes directly into the log. This shape creates the stack effect, necessary for the rocket stove effect. With a little bit of kindling to start the process, the log literally feeds itself, until it is burned out of existence.


How to make a wood rocket stove using just a single log. This simple DIY stove is very easy to make and has multiple uses. Whether as a highly effective & portable camping stove, a long burning & self-sustaining one log fire, or even for use at home as a makeshift campfire to toast up a few marshmallows for a little backyard family fun.


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