5 Reasons To Explore The Country By Backroad

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In our modern world and our current state of being, we seem to be missing something innately core to our bodies, minds, and spirit: the great outdoors. Hopping into your (preferably all-terrain) vehicle, and taking off into the wild blue yonder—whether planned or spontaneous—may just be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. America’s back roads may take you to a thousand little mom- and pop shops, laced with character, charm, and something we’ve been missing in this high-tech, multi-tasking, smartphone tapping, WiFi absorbing existence—humanity.

Getting lost

It’s rare to feel displaced in our modern world. Distractions are always available in the superficial rhythms we swim in today. But taking a trip through nature is the greatest medicine there is. Escape those tangled Wi-Fi webs for long enough in a serene environment and you’re sure to run smack dab into somebody you really miss: your soul.

Yup, that little guy who dared you to dream before you drowned him in data. He misses you. But if you inspire him with enough serenity and scenery, he’ll get to work reconnecting your heart to your brain. So go fill up your tank, find a lonely dirt road heading toward some hills and drive up it, rejoicing in the fact that there are no road signs.

Let your little voice guide you. He may lead you astray for a while, but you’ll be better for it soon enough.

Get to know the Real America

Back in 1960, author John Steinbeck spent months driving across the country with Charley, his wife’s French poodle. He soon discovered America’s fancy new highways were sprouting towns that looked and felt eerily alike. So he swore off primary arteries in favor of slower back roads that were dotted with tiny towns, roadside cafés, mom-and-pop shops and small farms. 

Steinbeck documented his wonderful journey in Travels with Charley, an absolute must-read before any American crossing. In 1960 he was already lamenting the country being transformed by a growing thirst for instant gratification. And while technology will continue to feed that beast, wander far enough off the highways and you’ll still find lovely pockets old-school Americana charm.

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