5 Reasons To Explore The Country By Backroad

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Stillness may just be the most underrated state of being. 

Want to really get to know somebody in a hurry? Or truly catch up with an old friend? There’s no better way than traveling through the countryside with them for days on end. The best thing about taking back roads is they usually lack cell service, forcing passengers to revert to our ancient, uniquely human form of audible communication: dialogue.

Strange things happen when both passengers can be generous enough with their time to lend the other their ear. Bonds get bigger. Problems get smaller. And we learn to embrace the uncertainty of what’s ahead.

Let the road take you

There’s no better way to let the mind wander into a state of uninterrupted reflection than having an empty scenic road in front of you. There’s something to be said for heading flat out into the unfamiliar, and pressing heavy on the accelerator is fun too. ‘Nuff said.

Rediscover stillness

Dirt roads are filled with difficulties. Things can and will go wrong. But the adversity makes the pleasant stuff you’re sure to encounter all the sweeter — in particular, those moments of stillness that become plentiful once in the great wide open. 

Stop. Get out. Look around. Take your mind off producing things, and instead focus on being present.

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