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While it seems every campground and hotel within 100 miles of Orlando is full up, a preferred annual pass to Universal Studios Orlando offers free overnight parking to guests. We did this just a couple weeks ago, and were the only ones parked there.  Sometimes knowing the system makes all the difference!  For the same price as two one-day tickets, you can get annual passes.  Those passes come with free parking.  If you need a great exercise regimen... getyour season passes, and go every day for a couple weeks.  By the end of that, at 30,000 steps a day, you should burn a lot off!

110 million people visited the state of Florida last year, many of them in RV's.  Florida is such a hot-spot to RV, but if you drive on down to south Florida, you may find the frustration that there's not much beach space anywhere to park it, and if you need repairs, you'll find a two week wait on work.  So be careful about your planning, and don't expect to just pull into a space along the way.  

The tiny house craze has gotten people excited on the premise that you can build one out of junk parts laying around, and you definitely can.  But the market ramped up to a high ticket extravaganza, and you can spend $60,000 on some unique little tiny's, and really they don't quite feel like they're meant to travel forever.  They are meant to drive to where you want it, and park it.... a bit heavy and bad on gas to use as a travel trailer though.  

I found myself in the middle of this debate myself a year or so ago, and decided to look for a great low-season deal.  That's the truth of it with a lot of things.

If you happen to live in Michigan in the middle of a snowy winter, there are a lot of people just trying to string along through the snow by the end of it, and you can find a smashing deal on an RV someone needs to give up to survive.  That's why wherever you go, the prices can flex up and down by 50% or more on a regular basis, and a lot of people who pawn and resale make their livings on this flex.  Whether a boat or an RV or a 4x4, know when low season is, and you'll save a bundle!

RV's tend to be valued by year, size, mileage, and features.  The are great for travel, but you can buy a nice RV with low miles, and park it in an RV park and use it for a while, and not really hurt the value much.  You take one with 20,000 miles on it and run it around the country a while, there's a lot of value that goes away on a newer model.  

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