Adventurous Couple Meanders Down the Pan-American Highway in a Solar-Powered 1967 VW Van

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Little known fact: in 2010 my partner and I got rid of almost everything we owned, loaded the rest up into a 26′ RV, and set off across American in search of adventure. In retrospect, we weren’t really prepared for life on the road, and about four months later we were ready to return to civilization. The first of many bad decisions was the idea to travel in such a big vehicle. Twenty-six feet might not seem like much, but when it’s your only mode of transportation and gas is $3.50 a gallon, moving becomes painful. Our slapstick scheme pales in comparison to the brilliant journey of “the Dangerz“, however.

First off, no their last name isn’t really Danger. Apparently friends started the moniker as a joke, but it eventually stuck, and for two people willing to trade a home and jobs for the inside of a VW van, it’s kind of appropriate! They officially hit the road in July 2012, but they journey began long before that. In order to live (somewhat) comfortably on the road, the camper, dubbed ‘E’, had to be completely refurbished.

The Dangerz are a clever couple who recently abandoned the "normal" life and hit the road in a sweet, retrofitted 1967 Volkswagen van! Their souped-up VW is outfitted with eco-friendly finishes and topped with a solar system that provides power wherever their journey may take them. So where have they traveled in this magnificent compact home-on-wheels? The Dangerz, accompanied by their faithful dog, Karma, set out down the Pan-American Highway -- a system of roads and freeways that extends from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in North America to the lower reaches of South America.

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