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The word ‘tent’ does not quite call to mind a sense of permanence or even a whole lot of free space, but all the same, people and companies like the Autonomous Tent Co.based out of Colorado are turning out gorgeous and bold designs that are tough enough to last as long as a cabin. For example, the company just installed their Tent Cocoon at the TreeBones Resort in the South of Big Sur.

While this is most definitely a tent, with a tough fabric pulled tightly over large metal ribs, it does not look like one from the inside. This Cocoon features a 500 square foot space with a king sized bed, full bathroom with a claw foot tub andflushable composting toilet. In addition to the great indoor area, the front of the tent features floor to ceiling windows and a large deck area for hanging out on and reading a book while you look out over the Pacific.

Grand one-of-a-kind tent resembling the shape of a giant cocoon. Secluded on the edge of the resort with your own private deck and outdoor fire pit, you’ll experience some of the greatest sunsets in BigSur.

The tent provides over 500 sq ft of indoor living space, a king size bed, luxurious cotton linens and comforter. Gas fireplace and leather lounging chairs. It has an en suite bathroom including a claw foot shower and flushable composting toilet. The luminous resilient fabric stretched across the sturdy metal ribs glows at night and provides natural indoor lighting during the day. Powered by it’s own dedicated solar array, you’ll experience true ‘off grid’ living in a luxurious and private,  ‘perched on the edge’ location.

via TreeBonesResort

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