Bamboo built Froute Pod is made for stylish camping

Categories: Camping

Designed by Melbourne-based company Giant Grass, the Froute Pod is intended as a semi-permanent structure, to be raised off the ground on a platform, to protect inhabitants from ground moisture (recycled pallets were used in this demo). Giant Grass founders are architects and Munir and Mittul Vahanvati, both of whom have extensive experience with bamboo building.

They explain:

"Our design approach is based on using bamboo in its most natural form and exploring various possibilities whilst retaining the overall integrity of the material. We create our designs by carving, cutting and splitting the hollow cylindrical bamboo culm."


As the spring season is finally making its appearance, some of us may be planning camping trips or looking forward to doing things in the garden. Some may like high-tech tents, or erect yurts out in the backyard, but these aren't all that exciting. Enter the Froute Pod: perfect for a glamping ("glamourous camping") or temporary backyard gazebo, studio or meditation space, this beautiful, bamboo-framed tent was inspired by the flowery forms of nature.

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