Bamboo built Froute Pod is made for stylish camping

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The Froute Pod is based on an octagonal plan of 3 metres (118 inches) wide, the pod's interior rises to a height of 2.4 metres (94 inches) tall. It can fit a double bed inside, and the waterproof canvas-clad pod has two flaps that be opened up like petals, creating a connection with the outside, and also making the structure a bit more flexible in its potential uses. There's also two round windows and a small central skylight to illuminate the interior.

Though the Froute Pod is not made as a lightweight type of tent, its flat-pack design does make transport easier, and the designers say that it can be assembled within 45 minutes by two people.

If you're looking for a graceful alternative to the humdrum tents and yurts for the camping season, the Froute Pod may be it -- Giant Grass hopes to be producing them commercially by the summer. Check out more over at Giant Grass.

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