How To Make Dandelion Coffee

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How To Make Dandelion Coffee


Dandelion coffee is a simple to make hot drink. It is made from the roots of the dandelion and is so easy to make. A lot of outdoors people prefer it to coffee and find it can have the same stimulating effects. 

Dandelion coffee is more often done in the spring when the plant roots are matured. This drink is drunk in multiple places all over the world.

I don't feel that this worked as well as it could have although the process is sound. I feel that it would have yielded a nicer drink if the root had grown to maturity. In the spring I will try this process again and see if it works better.

This drink is known to have some anti-Cancer properties but the actual amount of help it gives is still being ascertained.

Anyway here is the video on how to make it. If you have any comments or questions then head over to our channel (Links Below) and I will happily answer any I can


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