It's a Hammock, It's a Jacuzzy, It's Both!

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Hot Tub Hammock, yes a revolution.  Suspended it, lay in the snow or sand for a portable hot tub liner. meets easy luxury.

The Hydro Hammock is a new world of comfort and enjoyment. You can now have a hammock and a bath in one. The revolution of this is efficiency, portability and comfort as never before. Game changer or just new luxury? You make the call. Made from waterproof high-tensile strength marine quality canvas. You may now bath anywhere in unsurpassed comfort.

Enjoy indoors, outdoors, even on the beach with fresh or ocean water and the ability to fully stretch out. The Deluxe model is two layers allowing an insulation pad or to suspend as a Hammock Water Bed. Water Heating System separate. Be one of the first to have this. 

At first glance, the Hydro Hammock might seem a little bit on the frivolous side. Why would anyone want to use a hammockas a bath tub? But while that functionality doesn’t interest us much, the fact that the Hydro Hammock can be used as a Portable HotTub liner for sand or snow does.

The Hydro Hammock uses a water heater system that heats water from a garden horse or other water source to fill into the hammock. Basically, it gives consumers the ability to create a hot tub on the fly wherever they are, whether it be at the beach or on a mountaintop somewhere. It also has two USB chargers for your devices so that you can charge your smartphone while you’re relaxing in your hammock.

via HydroHammock

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