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We often complain that everything we buy is cheap or throw away... that we live in a disposable society.  Sometimes a great product comes along that pays attention to every detail making it superior.  Whether or not such a product can sell enough units to survive becomes the reality, but this design is unique and creative, hip, relaxing, habit forming, and you can't keep the kids off it....

Volo reminds us that life is in motion and miraculously, in balance. Rock, Rejuvenate and Re-discover yourself in this spiral craft. 

"Growing up in the wild and eclectic Big Sur community, creative self-expression is our way of life. We are truly grateful to the musicians, sculptors, dancers, storytellers, healers and visionary philosophers who wove the fabric of our formative years, and continue to define the Big Sur tribe. " 

"Here as a family, we have a tradition of building things ourselves. When that spark of inspiration and subsequent wide-eyed smile strikes,  it isn't long before the hanging bed,  single-pole tree house,  or rocking hammock begins to manifest.  The greatest joy is realized when the creation is shared with the tribe and with the greater human family.   We thrive in the pursuit of this transcendent experience."

The Volo and Vibro collection is fabricated in Big Sur with components sourced domestically.

"Our 'tensegrity' frames could not be realized without computer-driven manufacturing processes, including 5-axis water jet cutting, 3D tube bending and 3D printed stainless steel, but it is the artful mastery of our welders that one appreciates upon closer inspection."

As we venture from our home into the world, we share an intention to awaken creativity and inspire creative living.  As brothers, we enjoy teaching an introductory course in computer-aided design and 3D printing to children at the Big Sur charter school. The contagious enthusiasm and inventiveness of these young minds is an inspiration. Our mission with Sveglio is to share this creative experience with as many fertile minds as possible, of any age. We pledge  10% of our profit to fund community-based events and classes that awaken the creative!

TheSveglio team has designed a unique lounge chair rocker, called theVolo, which gets its name from the Italian word for “flight.” 

TheVolo is intended for two, and it has a wide variety of fabric options for the choosing, all of which attach to a metallic structure which also has three options: architectural bronze, sky white or stardust silver. The hammock is easily attached and removed without tools, and there’s even an available pillow thatattaches to the frame via neodymium magnets. The rocker is strong enough to hold up to 600 pounds, and weighs 105 pounds without the hammock attached. Although its name may be Italian, theVolo is actually built in California. TheVolo is available now for $8,350. 

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