Meet Cinch! The Ultimate Pop Up Tent With Solar Power & LED (Videos)

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Advanced tent features in a quick & easy pop-up, with LED lighting & solar power. The Cinch! will never compromise your adventures.

Built to sleep the modern couple or family, the Cinch tent pitches in seconds and includes integrated LED lighting and an available power supply that keeps gadgets topped off using sunlight. Campers enjoy full weatherproof protection with some of the wired-in convenience of home.

Cinch designer Jake Jackson loved everything about camping, except for the tent. After years of frustration with the models on the market, he decided to innovate his own. He developed the prototype about four years ago and began offering the design for sale in small batches, refining it along the way with feedback from customers. Last year, he decided the tent was ready for a larger market, and he got the launch off the ground with a successful Kickstarter campaign that went live in December.

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Go to their web site to get pre-order one, or check out competitors here.

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