Mollusc is a Tent That Opens and Closes like the Hood of a Stroller

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Some technologies rarely change over the years. The classical tent might just be one of those time-tested contraptions that—let's face it—probably doesn't need much of technological a makeover. However, if you're thinking outside the box, perhaps it is time to witness something truly unique and utilitarian in nature. The makers of the Mollusc tent were precisely those clever souls that wanted to bring something new to the table. This tent actually functions like the sea creature it resembles. It opens and closes like a baby stroller cover so that, depending on the weather, the occupants can either see the stars, or keep covered. This new design might prove to be the breath of fresh air needed in a fairly static niche—camping.

Mollusc is a completely new kind of tent that opens and shuts like the worlds biggest pram hood. If the weather is good, draw back the entire canopy and bask in the sun, then if the rain comes in pull the roof back over, clip it down and be ready for any storm. With the Mollusc you can turn an interior space into an exterior space (and vice versa) in 3 seconds.


 So now you can watch those shooting stars from your sleeping bag then close the tent when the show is over, or catch that dawn from within your tent with a cup of coffee in your hand and your head on the pillow. The Standard Mollusc is 3 meters high and 6 meters in diameter and the Nano Mollusc is 1.6 meters high and 3 meters in diameter. To compensate for the climatic and environmental footprint of making it, 100 trees are planted in Kenya for every tent made.

via Inhabitat

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