No more bulky camping gear! All-in-one tent inspired by spacesuits combines insulated shelter with a sleeping bag and mat

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  • Swiss firm Polarmond said shelter can keep campers warm even in winter
  • It features insulated walls similar to that used on astronauts' spacesuits 
  • Materials scientists developed a new concept for insulating when camping
  • All-in-one structure is designed to give a more comfortable night's sleep

Anyone who has been camping will know the faff of unpacking and setting up their tent before fighting to blow up their mat and struggle into their sleeping bag.

But a new all-in-one 'magic' shelter, developed by Swiss materials scientists, is promising to transform the way people go camping.

The Polarmond all-in-one sleep system combines the bedding with the tent itself to help ensure campers stay warmer at night while in the great outdoors.

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The all-in-one tent uses insulation between the outer wall and the inner room while a blanket style liner helps to keep the camper warm while also removing moisture from their body (pictured)

They claim it can stay warm even in temperatures down to -30°C (-22°F) using nothing than the occupant's own body heat. 

Swiss scientists involved in building the all-in-one tent developed a 'sandwich construction' for the insulation similar to that used in spacesuits to line the inner chamber of the tent.

This is used between the outer skin of the tent and the inner room. 

By using a blanket-like cover rather than a sleeping bag, it also allows the person inside to sleep more naturally rather than fighting to get comfortable in a mummy-shaped sleeping bag.

Dr Martin Camenzind, a materials scientist at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, said: 'An inner room of this size is not the easiest option for a product that must be as light as possible.

'It would be more efficient to have the insulation layer in direct contact with the body.

'However, if you want to find new solutions, you have to think outside the box and look beyond the standard methods.'

The scientists also opted to tackle the problem of condensation in the one-man tent by using a breathable liner on the blanket that can draw moisture away from the camper's body.

The moisture collects on the waterproof side of the liner and can then be shaken out the next morning, while a zipped ventilation hole helps to further reduce condensation.

A mat is built into the bottom of the tent that helps to provide cushioning and further insulation.


The walls of the tent have a space-age insulation that is similar to that used on astronauts space suits.

An waterproof outer skin helps to keep this dry and the inner skin is impermeable to help keep the warm air inside the tent.

A insulating mat is built into the bottom of the tent while an innovative blanket made from a breathable material with a waterproof layer helps to draw moisture away from the occupant as they sleep. 

In the morning this can then be shaken out to remove any water. 

 Polarmond developed the tent (pictured) in combination with Swiss material's scientists who created insulated walls with technology similar to that used to build space suits for astronauts

Polarmond, which is based in St Gallen, Switzerland, said they expect their all-in-one tent to be popular with alpine climbers and those taking part in lightweight expeditions.

The site said: The innovative all-in-one sleep system from Polarmond solves the common problems associated with conventional products, such as restricted freedom of movement, lack of temperature regulation, slipping from narrow sleeping mats, condensation build-up and decreasing insulation performance once moisture has penetrated a sleeping bag.'

 The designs for the tent currently have a number of options, including a basic bivouac model (front) and a more protected 'tent' model (rear)

Polarmond said it also hopes its all-in-one tents will go on sale in March 2016 and it plans to develop similar all-in-one tents that can hold multiple occupants.

The company's design recently won an award at the Outdoor 2015 European trade show.

The judges described it as 'innovative and extremely functional'.

Walter Krummenacher, the chief executive of Polarmond, the company was now attempting to find suppliers to allow them to commercially produce the tent.

 The insulated walls of the tent are designed to create a room inside where the camper can sleep. They use an innovative blanket liner to keep warm and help remove moisture that can build up while they sleep. A mat is built into the bottom of the tent to provide insulation and prevent it from sliding out during the night

 A zipped vent is designed to help improve ventilation while the tent is in use. The design of the all-in-one tent is intended to help avoid uncomfortable nights inside restrictive sleeping bags and slippery mats

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This design is similar to something that's been going around Australia or a while called a Swag or Swag tent - Available here

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