Modular Tents Bring Campers Together Under One Roof

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Every day we see new evidence that the world is becoming more connected thanks to technology. Activities that were once enjoyed solo or in a small group are now shared with virtually everyone you've ever known via social networks. Even camping, an activity that once meant quiet, secluded escapes into virtually human-less wild spaces, isn't immune to the trend. POD Tents, designed by the UK's M2C Innovation, make camping more social by transforming the typical small tent into an indoor community.

The zip-on tunnel includes poly ripstop construction and a steel pole. After adding the sleeping cell, which is sold separately for the Maxi, the tent offers dual two-person sleeping chambers and a lounge. The POD Mini four-person tent and the included sleeping cell splits the Mini into two two-person sleeping areas.
To be fair, camping often serves as a social activity in and of itself, allowing families and groups of friends to bond together beyond the reach of everyday distractions. Group campsites offer space for dozens, even hundreds, of campers to gather together 'round the campfire and enjoy each other's company.

Where M2C Innovation makes camping even more social is inside the tent. The social nature of camping typically comes to an end when it's time to retire to the tent, whether you're going to sleep or taking shelter from bad weather. The collective breaks down into smaller couples and groups that escape into their small, private domes, not to see each other again until morning light.

Quite similar to the Logos Decagon, POD Tents encourage the entire group to keep things social even after the no-see-um has been zipped shut. The modular camping system consists of individual tents that can be zipped together with connector tunnels. This allows you to create a large interior space where you can hang out with your entire group.

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