Winter Camping

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JUST BECAUSE it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to put your camping gear into deep storage. As seasoned campers will tell you, sleeping outdoors in late autumn and early winter isn’t an act of Stoicism. “I’m not a fan of those real hot summer camping outings where you’re just sweating in your tent,” said Scott Robson, executive director of the Colorado Mountain Club. “I’d rather be a little chilly.”

The next few months are ideal times to commune with nature. There are fewer bugs, and many sites have lifted their bans on open fires, meaning you can actually build a campfire. Plus, sites that were overrun during the high season have turned quiet. “It’s a great time to find solitude and a sense of remoteness,” said Neil Woodworth,executive director of New York’s Adirondack Mountain Club.

While camping during this time of year does require some planning (check ahead to make sure your favorite summer site is still open), it needn’t be daunting. 


Here is a list of some essentials:

Winter Camping Checklist

Winter camping requires more gear than summer camping. Our comprehensive checklist is designed to keep you from forgetting anything important.

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