Cordwood Chicken Coops (Video)

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Cordwood chicken coops are springing up all over the country. There is growing interest in raising chickens, gathering eggs and protecting ones flock. Cities are passing "chicken ordinances" (many are allowing three chickens per backyard) and folks are reading about how best to feed, house and care for their fine, feathered friends.

The video above was recorded over the summer of 2012. Thecordwood chicken coop was build usingcordwood and cement and mortar. The total cost for the materials for the coop was less than $300. The coop is 11 foot in diameter and 6 foot at it's highest point (the roof slants for rain run off) If you want to try building withcordwood, I highly recommend buying acordwood masonry book by Rob Roy.

Needless to say, there are some interesting examples of cordwood chicken coops. Here are a few of them:

via MotherEarthNews

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