10 DIY Sinks and Vanities (and a Tub and Shower Too!)

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This $79 Salvation Army find was turned into...

this vanity:

For a larger vanity, cabinets, like this one...

work great too. 

How about a whiskey/wine barrel turned into a vanity? Sure, why not. Those like one from Willowbee clock in around $1,400. However, you can buy brand new oak wine barrels for $525 and flawed barrels for as low as $275 at Kentucky Barrels. You can buy used ones at Kentucky Barrels too, but they might be harder to find. 

We've covered homemade sinks and vanities; now for a diy bathtub. Okay, so it's not exactly DIY, and it's for outdoor use—but I could imagine someone using a galvanized steel livestock tank for an indoor tub too. (Note the laundry tub above.) 

Of course, we can't forget a DIY shower. Again, this one is for outside, but what a great way to enjoy a warm summer day in a secluded spot. The addition of a rustic ladder/towel holder and a stake table to hold soap and a puffy are the icing on the cake.  

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