20+ Incredible PVC Projects to Make Today

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In this article you will show you how to build different PVC project. Some of them might be more useful to you, some might not, but I'm sure you will find something you like among this list.

PVC is a flexible, easy material that has inspired outlandish projects that you could never imagine. Human creativity ceases to amaze me given a little imagination and a few simple resources. Some of these projects are a novelty, but some are really useful. While the majority don’t really make sense for prepping, they are still fun and a good way to train your brain to think outside the box, which does relate to survival and preparation.

The great thing is that most of these projects are so easy and require so few tools, that your kids can help and learn some basics about constructing meaningful devices from something as simple as PVC. Be careful with heating PVC as it can be harmful to you, if you decide you want to do the PVC boot dryer below, be sure to set the hair dryer to cool air flow instead of hot.

Try these projects at your own risk and always use caution using any type of power tools. Protect your eyes when sawing or cutting PVC as well. Basically just use common sense and have a great time.

Check out this awesome video of this regular bow:

Crossbows are awesome, but have you ever made one from PVC? You could literally kill small and some large game with this thing in close range.

Put together a quick and easy bed frame for your kids using PVC.

This is a really cool bicycle rack made from PVC.

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