23 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home

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 4.  Slices of PVC pipe create these drawer organizers by BHG. Cut and use! (I would sand any rough edges so they don’t catch your delicate clothing…)


5.  From ‘Land of Nod’, this DIY desk or bathroom organizer


6.  ‘Designs from Studio C’ has done just that… a whole tutorial on how to make her desk organizer from PVC pipe… such an easy project! How about to store makeup and brushes?

14 PVC Projects for the Home

7.  From Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z’, this DIY PVC shoe organizer is so cool because she painted it to look like logs! Cool detail!


8.  ‘All Women Stalk’ had this contemporary PVC cutout light that we thought was pretty cool, but the tutorial is pretty thin. While they tell you how to do the cutout with a jigsaw, I’ll tell you right now, they leave you hanging as to how to “get lamp parts”… I suppose a trip to the hardware store should resolve this issue.


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