55 Gallon Poly Drums Transformed (videos)

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The ability to repurpose and recycle an item into something it wasn't originally created for takes creativity and skill.  And with YouTube and blogs so easily accessible these days, those that don't have it, now have the ability to.  

Here are some 55 gallon poly drums that were repurposed into boats and rafts.

This pontoon raft has traveled up and down the Murray River in Victoria, Australia.  It is a high tech version of  raft equipped with a 60 hp four stroke outboard, refrigerator, hot and cold running water, and hydraulic steering.  Check it out:

Source: Anne Clugston

This is a simple homemade raft.  And by simple, I mean flat raft without bells and whistles.

Source: loansharky

Here is a picture tutorial on how to build a deck.

Step 1: Build the frame


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