This Guy Built His Own In-Ground Pool For $3000... With Step-by-step Instructions (and video)

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 Install 1.5 horse pump in the pump house.  I found my at home depot.  The pump is located behind the filter I purchased through ebay.  Shut off valves were placed on each inlet.

Half inch rebar are cut 5 feet long and placed vertically in each block cell.  Then cement is poured in the cell, leaving a half inch of space at the top.

Next we pour the concrete for the floor in 2 stages.  First stage was three inches thick to cover the rebar in a rough coat.  Next, we our 2.25 inches of concrete and smoothed it out for a great finish.

I made a coping template out of scrap wood I had at the house. The extra space at the top of each brick cell was used to secure each coping brick to the wall.

It took we several weeks to pour all of the coping...that broke down to two a day.  It seemed like it took forever!

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