A Beautiful Oven From Scratch To Finish

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Every good idea begins with a need.  That need is followed by a plan.  The plan is often written down, and drawn out... and in this case, a plan can receive a special reminder of what is to go there.  Well, at Dancing Rabbit eco village, this was how they began with one of the first ovens...



But now that they've done this a few times over, it's a simple thing to do... they know it needs a rock base, and know how to mix their cob from years of experience.  Adding another oven is still a necessity.  Who wants to fight over one oven, when you can cook your own dinner in your own?  After all, it's pretty much free to build when you know what you're doing!


A nice cob mix - Sand, Clay, Water, And Straw - shaped with a brim around the edge

Oh be sure to install some bottles... after all... everbody's doing it... making their bottles feel useful these days :)

source:  http://www.theyearofmud.com/

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