Best Space Saving Ideas for your Home or Apartment

Categories: DIY

Mirror Table

This wall-mounted mirror table is a great little idea for saving space.  On the wall you can enjoy it, but when you are hungry or have guests round you can take it down and use it as a dining table.

Drawers within Stairs

This is a great idea to maximise storage space in your home.  If you can either pre-plan this or perhaps retrospectively fit this in then it will work wonders to free up room.  Imagine having each of your stairs as a draw or two, depending on the floor plans.  You can fit in clothes, cleaning products, blankets or even dry foods! Be creative!


Chopping Board Hole – Space saving idea for a small flat

Intriguing little idea here.  Not so much a space saver as a clever way to chop and discard at the same time.  Very efficient, more a time saver in fact, but will save a little space too!  Chop your food then sweep it into the hole and straight into the bin.

Staircase Storage Hub -Space saving ideas!

Another play on stair-storage, but instead of each step holding something different, you can create a big space in the central step to place larger items, perhaps bedding or even a toy cupboard!

Space Saving Bunk Bed – Wall Mounted!

You have all seen beds that fold out from the wall.  Have you seen bunk beds that fold out however! Bring these down when you have guests and put them back to the wall when you have no one to stay and use the space for other purposes.  Could be good if you have a space room that you use as an office or gym, then you can use this as a makeshift bedroom when you have people round to stay the night.


Mounted Bedroom Nightstand

Love this – why bother having a standing bedside table when you can fix one to the wall and have all the space underneath for other things. Above it there is a light fixed onto the wall too which will save precious room.


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