How to Build An Outhouse: Living Off The Grid in Style

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Not everyone needs an outhouse, but if you have rural property with no running water, an outhouse is a necessity. Use free outhouse plans to build a convenience that your family will thank you for and will be a valuable asset to your property.

The first thing you need to do is check and make sure having your own outhouse is allowed. Different areas of the country have different regulations about this. For example, most cities are against it and only more rustic regions of the country will generally be accepting. Even if you are allowed to have one however there will be a lot of restrictions put in place including the distance away from any water source for sanitary reasons.

To Start construction:

  • You Must Start with the foundation
  • Find Plans (links bellow) With Plans For Building it up
  • Learn what needs to get done to Keep up the outhouse
  • Personalize it!
  • Consider your needs to Make it work for you
  • Learn Why Compost is important and how to make it

Build Yourself an In-house Outhouse

To keep from having to go outdoors, here is a project for helping you build an inexpensive in-house outhouse. I actually dreamed I built this...

Woodcraft Outhouse

Plans and diagrams for building an outhouse.

Historical Outhouses

Here are several plans for outhouses built in the 1800's. Even picturesque outhouses shown here.

Outhouse Plans

Downloadable plans for a ventilated pit latrine.

Privies, Old and New

How to build an outhouse, complete with dimensions.

Pit-Type Privy

Printable layout for an outdoor toilet.

Outhouse Project

Here are instructions for building an outhouse with roof and all.


A general outline to help you build an outhouse. 

Outhouse Plans

You can build a outhouse easily with these step-by-step plans along with helpful tips.

Rustic Outhouse

This plan has six steps that are easy to follow for building an outhouse. 

Backyard Outhouse

Keep water bills low by building this outhouse that is intended to be placed in your backyard.

All-in-all, the important thing is making sure that you pay attention to the instructions when you get started. Make sure you are building in the right place and that you build a strong foundation from the start. Anything less than that is definitely going to cause some problems for you and it could cause problems for anyone that might be using the outhouse when there’s bad weather or problems in the area.

So make sure you build a sturdy structure and that you’re continuing to check it every time something happens in your area. You definitely don’t want it to fall down, especially if someone is inside at the time. But knowing how to build an outhouse is going to continue to serve you well over time.

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