Simple Chicken Feeder Made From Scraps

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We only have a couple of chickens at the moment but we found that their feed was always getting damp and clumping together no matter what we did. We decided to look into making our own feeder and watched a few different videos and looked at a few different designs. After a few days of looking at what others have made we decided to look at what we had lying about and work with what we had.

After a quick look at our ‘junk’ pile we decided that we should use a drain pipe, mainly because we had some spare. Like always we sat down and did a rough design. Once we were happy with the ideas we got an old cardboard roll and cut it to make a prototype.

Then it was time for the main thing. We built the feeder fairly quickly but had to wait for a few days for the weather to improve. 

To watch the whole process see the video below: 


Finally as the weather clears up we can test to see if the feeder works and that the chickens will even eat from it: 


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