How To Make Your Own Compost Heater To Heat Your Home

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With winter recently dumping a load of snow in the Northeastern U.S, we may find ourselves needing a touch of heat.  Had you planned ahead, it's possible that you could have warmed the place with no cost!  How you ask?  With compost!  Compost has natural properties that when it breaks down, it becomes warm... very warm in fact!  nd while blankets and warm clothes can help you...there is a limit to their "warmth".  

Sure, making sure your windows are sealed, showering with the door open, and putting plush rugs on your floors can help, but how can you heat your home without increasing your bill...

The method was invented in 1970 by a French farmer named Jean Pain. He used compost to heat his home and generate energy and he made the compost out of branches and saplings.

Although this method seems unorthodox, it works and can save you money.  Here is how to make your own compost heater.

First step is laying out where you compost heater will be.  This is key, since it will take up a good amount of space and will need to be accessible for filling.

Next step is to build a hay backstop and add aeration.

Lay the hydronic loop.

Fill the hay with chip and sawdust.  I just collected trees and branches from the property to fill it.

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