Creativity With Sticks And Hide, The Splendor Is In Simplicity (Updated)

Categories: DIY

Located at Tacos El Tequila in Cape Coral Florida, this set captured my eye as so fantastic, because it looks like somebody went into the woods, gathered up some sticks, butchered a couple cows, and went to work assembling this amazing handmade set. (Update: Just found out the name of this Furniture, it is called Equipal. You can read a little bit of its history in the middle of this article.)

Cedar Slats tacked together in a lattice fence like fashion to the straight posts which themselves are small straight tree or branch pieces.  Though underneath the uniform pieces I venture a guess are formed pieces, it is what is highlighted visually that makes it look so easy and so simple to make, yet the craftsmanship is certainly that of experience and repetition.  

Ideas like this inspire my next of projects, and I hope they will you as well

Yes, the table is supported in the same way....

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