Old Satellite Dishes Repurposed Stir The Imagination!

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DIY Gazebo

Salvaged-Parts Gazebo: Talk about making something out of nothing. This rustic gazebo is an amazing amalgamation of odd parts. The thick, sturdy support pillars were gleaned from washed-up timber on the beach. The side supports are also rustic logs, cut to fit. The roof is a salvaged 10-foot satellite dish.

After rabbit ears antennas and before wider adoption of the internet and cable TV, large satellite dishes delivered premium television to those homes that could afford it, but with the coming of the digital age and the advent of web amenities such as YouTube, on-demand movies from Netflix and Hulu, and cheaper cable service for media, many of these dishes have become merely artifacts that collect dust.

However, one artist has found a clever way to repurpose them as both shade and shelter, along with serving as a canvas for his art.

© Tom Cross Gallery

Tom Cross, tattooist and artist based in Broomfield CO (Denver metro area), first used a repurposed satellite dish as protection from the elements for a well and pump at an off-grid property, and then took that idea a step further by creating an installation of them in front of the Smokey Banana Tattoo shop, where they serve as "a shaded area for customers, employees, friends and the occasional Mexican wrestling match."

© Tom Cross Gallery
Cross takes these older "C-class" satellite dishes and with a little bit of work, turns them into funky yet functional shade covers. The sizes of satellite dishes he uses range from 6 to 12 feet in diameter, and because they're made from aluminum, they are light and easy to work with. According to Cross, every city or metro area has someone who has stockpiled these older dishes, which can sometimes be had for free, or for a nominal cost (depending on the size).

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