Old Satellite Dishes Repurposed Stir The Imagination!

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© Tom Cross Gallery
To repurpose these satellite dishes, Cross uses screen door material (screen door screen?), which is cut to fit in between the radial support bars on the convex side of the dishes. The screen is then painted on with roofing paint and after drying, the final artistic renderings are painted onto them (the screen and roofing paint gives more surface area for the painted designs to adhere to).

© Tom Cross Gallery
Once the design is finished, a triangle of 2x4s are attached to the bottom of the satellite dishes, using 6 lag bolts (two per each leg of the triangle), and then the completed dish is mounted to the top of three 4x4 posts at a height and angle that works best for both the overall design and the desired shade pattern.

© Tom Cross Gallery
If you're ever in or near Broomfield CO, you can see the finished satellite dish canopies for yourself outside of the Smokey Banana Tattoo studio (which is also a repurposed artifact, originally a Sinclair gas station from 1953) at 1405 Hwy. 287.

These huge satellite dishes were popular for less than ten years! Now they’ve been discarded in backyards and junkyards all over the country. They were bulky, complicated, and expensive dinosaurs that have become quite useless.  Until now!

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