Old Satellite Dishes Repurposed Stir The Imagination!

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Joan Jacobs, from Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada says, “This is my little haven. We’re kind of in the middle of a 6 acre field, quite private and quiet.  I’m really getting into this retirement life and the possibilities of things to make and learn..”

We built a gazebo using a 10′ satellite dish for the roof.  My husband and father had dragged the whole setup home years before and it didn’t get used. I offered to give it away until the day I saw one in a field on posts covering a large round bale for a cattle feeder. I’ve also seen the smaller ones used as a table umbrella and painted to look like a mushroom.

Vertical posts (7) are treated 8′ 4×4 landscape ties in concrete, and the dish rests on a frame at the top of the posts secured with metal strapping. We siliconed strips of screen between dish and frame. We put big washers inside and out with bolts and silicone where the hardware holes on the dish are.

Gorgeous gazebo-featured

The Gorgeous gazebo made from a surprising element!


Joan says, “The garden I have planted around it is about 18″ wide and contains only white flowers…..4 varieties of Shasta daisies, white delphinium, astilbe, phlox “David”, iris, obedient plant, hyacinth, “Joan Senior” daylily, mini rose, snapdragons, white spring bulbs, white bleeding heart, echinacea, feverfew (matricaria), sweet woodruff, and silver grey foliage plants-varieties of dusty miller, variegated hosta.”

Feverfew, delphinium

The frame of the gazebo appears to be 4×4 posts with twing railings and screen enclosure. Joan has planted flowers all in white to accent the color of the roof.

Twig railing

Twig railing

Twig railings are made from maple upper horizontal pieces and birch uprights. There’s an electric plug in for lights  and music wired underground and practical artificial turf on the floor.

Joan says, “This gazebo is out at the end of our garden, near our fire pit, so is great to sit in to read , eat, or can be slept in as I have a wicker couch, some chairs and small tables. We dug a trench to our garage for underground wiring and also have a plug in for the lights and a stereo.

My son and I built a twig railing about 3′ high around 6 “sides” between posts, and I built a screen door for the 7th. smaller “side”. The horizontal parts of the railing are maple and the verticals are birch. The floor is about 8″ above the plastic covered dirt, made of recycled wood, and covered with “astroturf”.  Walls are all screened on the outside of the twig work, so bugs can’t get in. ”

Screen door detail with roots at corners