DIY Girls Night Out Survival Kit

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Girls night out can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a messy one. This survival kit by Nifty has everything you need in one spot, from ready-to-eat mints to a phone case.

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What you’ll need:

*Sunglasses Case
*Cotton Fabric: 1/4 yard
*Hot Glue
*Glue Gun
*Wire Cutter
*18 Gauge Craft Wire
*Beading Pliers
*Key ring
*Foam Board
*Construction Paper
*X-acto Knife
*Cheap Compact Mirror
*LED Moon Lights
*Velcro fasteners
*Contact Lens Case
*Phone Case


Take the printed cotton fabric and cut out a rectangular piece around 2 inches wider than the opened case. ‘Wrap’ the interior of the case to ensure that there is enough fabric to cover the whole inside.

Fold back the edges of the cloth and hot glue them to the inner edges of the case.

Mark out one hole on each side of the case, opening-side up. carefully drill through to make holes big enough to thread wire through.

Cut a piece of wire at a sharp angle. Pierce the fabric and make a loop using the beading pliers.

Attach the key ring to the small loop. Pull the wire up, then make a second, outer loop.

Open up a loop in a chain and hook it onto the small outer loop.

Cut out a piece of construction paper about the size of the case, so that it fits comfortably in the back of the FLAT side of the case.

Use it as a stencil to outline the shape of the half moon onto some foam board. Use an x-acto knife to cut the shape out.

Mark about 1/2 inch wider than the foam board onto the printed fabric. Cut out and hot glue onto the board.

Remove a mirror from a cheap plastic compact case. hot glue onto the center of the foam board.

Mark 12 evenly spaced marks around the mirror. Use toothpicks to poke holes in them. Widen holes by twisting the toothpick in place.

Take the LED mini lights and starting with the one closest from the battery pack, push the bulb through one of the holes. Hold in place and hot glue the wire in place from the back.

Repeat until all 12 holds are filled.


Take a small rectangle of printed fabric slightly wider than the battery pack, just enough to wrap around it.

Fold in and hot glue the seams to prevent unraveling. Fold the end in and the edges together to complete the batter pack sleeve.

hot glue some Velcro fasteners onto the back of the battery pack and on the inside of the case to make it removable.


Cut a cut contact lens case in half. hot glue next to the mirror.

Measure a loop out with the circumference your favorite lipstick. Glue the ends together, then glue as your slide into the space between the mirror board and the inner wall of the case.

Place a card on top of a sheet of felt. for width, leave about 1/4 inch space in the sides of the felt. Fold up so that 4/5 of the card is covered. Hot glue the sides together. Leaving about 1/4 inch space all around the wallet, cut off the top part.

Glue a ribbon all across the back of the wallet, leaving some length at the end to make a loop for easy pulling. make a loop on the other side, and attach to the keyring.

If you want to keep your phone on you, you can hot glue a phone case onto the outer flat side of the case.


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