DIY Home Made Wind Generator; Parts List With Instructions (2 pages)

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Take self sufficiency to the next level with this incredible homemade wind generator. Credit to Mother Earth News – this is one of many excellent guides for a home made generator

Wind Generator Parts List

Car/Truck Alternator – GM 1988, 350 motor, alternator with built-in regulator (used in illustration). Almost any alternator with a regulator will work but use a new one. It should have a warranty.

Car/Truck Fan Clutch Assembly – GM 1988, 350 motor -used

Bracket Assembly for Mounting Alternator/Fan

If you have a welder, making a bracket is simple. I used 1″ square tubing for all the bracket pieces and a 2-feet long piece of 1″ pipe for the Rotating Stem that fits inside the pole. If you don’t have a welder, fear not. The Bracket Assembly can be fitted up with 1/2″ galvanized pipe and fittings. Here’s a list of the pipe fittings you’ll need:

1/2″ Tee (5X)
1/2″ Elbow (2X)
1/2″ X 12″ Nipple (2X)
1/2″ X 6″ Nipple (2X)
1/2″ X 1-1/2″ Nipple (2X)
1/2″ X 2″ Nipple (2X)
1/2″ X Close (2X)