DIY Solar Water Heater

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This little project might be one of the most simple DIY heaters I have come across. With a few items from your local hardware store, you can build your own solar water heater that is portable and perfect for any outdoor adventure.

If your local store's inventory is limited, I have included links to purchase online.

Shopping List

Copper Tubing 1/4" x 50ft

Flat Head Phillips Screws (4 pack) #8 x 1in  #10 x 2.5in

1.5" #16 Wire Nails

1/4" Coupling

1/2" to 3/4" PVC Swivel

3/8" Square Dowels

23.7" x 23.7" Sheet of Plywood

20" x 20" Sheet of Plywood

20" x 20" Pane of Glass

2' x 2' Lumber Cut - (2) 23 1/8" & (2) 20 1/8"

Zip Ties


Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: 


Loosen the copper and divide the 20" x 20" into 4 equal quadrants. 

Step 2:


Lay the copper on the sheet leaving 24 inches unattached at the beginning.  Start to attach the copper to the board by drilling two holes on each side of the tube and zip tie.

Step 3:


Continue drilling and zip tie-ing the tube to the board until you have 2 feet remaining.  Cut the ends off of all the zip ties.

Step 4:

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